The Podere houses a gastronomic restaurant which presents its finest appointments in every season: open onto three open verandas in summer, in winter it offers cosy afternoons by the fire. From the terraces, admire the coast and the island of Elba and even, on clear days, Corsica on the horizon. Poggio ai Santi is also a farm, so a large proportion of the products we offer you are produced in-house, like vegetables, fruit, poultry. Our olive oil has its own reputation and is found in some prestigious restaurants in Europe. We are an organic farm and all our products are of Tuscan origin. We work with the Italian National Research Centre to replant ancient Tuscan essences, within the framework of a wider biodiversity project.

Our kitchen team is delighted to propose a cuisine based on the excellence of its ingredients and on the search for the flavours of yesteryear: and all this comes from our own hills, from our farmyard, our fruit trees and vegetable garden. Our own Mediterranean herbs, gathered every day, grow continuously whether wild or farmed, and are a key component of all our dishes.

Sal8 (or "Sal-otto", Italian for "lounge") is a Slow Wine Bar, run with the same philosophy as the restaurant, with cocktails that feature our syrups, our herbs and spices, our fruits and vegetables. A refuge for the adventurous and one of the best spots from which to watch the sun set on the Tyrrhenian sea.