Contacts and Partners Poggio ai Santi San Vincenzo

Poggio ai santi, immersed in the green Tuscan countryside, is the ideal place to spend a dream holiday. The welcoming luxury residence with restaurant is considered a combination of hotels, resorts and agritourism.

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Poggio ai Santi
strada di San Bartolo, 100
I-57027 San Vincenzo (LI)

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tel +39 - 0565 798032
fax +39 - 0565 798090



la muccheria

La Muccheria is an old farmhouse built in the early 20th century. Surrounded by the Tuscan countryside, the residence is an ideal destination for a romantic holiday, a honeymoon, an anniversary, or to indulge in a few days of rest on ones own or with friends. It is also a perfect place to work away from the stress and the routine of one's own city offices.

la muccheria

La Muccheria is composed of 11 apartments designed for couples, where you will find all the comfort of Tuscan tradition, underlined by those special details that make our apartments unique, self contained and intimate. We welcome children abobe 12 years of age. The large surrounding garden is rich with Mediterranean scrub and offers places to enjoy on one's own or with one's partner: many quiet corners to enjoy one's book or just a moment of relaxed bliss. All this complemented by a swimming pool, a relaxation pool and a barbecue area
la muccheria