We want to have the courage of sincerity and the unexpected. Rediscover the thrill of a truly stimulating journey

Poggio ai Santi e restaurant Il Sale are looking forward to welcome you for our next appointment with a four-handed dinner on 26th May 2024.


...of the Journey

We want to have the courage of sincerity and of the unexpected. Rediscovering the thrill of a truly inspiring journey, discovering the new, far from the globalized conveniences that today inhibit even the most extreme exoticism.
We like to think of our Guests as a virtuous community of humans, on a path to different habits and certainties, ready to absorb the vibrant energy of these magical places, where we breathe the perfect symbiosis between humanity and nature. We would like to pamper you and connect you to our small-big uniqueness, to the authenticity of a natural landscape and the people who live it every day.

At Poggio ai Santi we wish you well-being and serenity: we hope you will appreciate new things, remember other skies and superimpose them on our sunrises and twilights, our trees, our villages, our shores, so similar and so different from yours. We will do all this with full respect for nature and the ecosystems in which we live, giving back hope and a future to younger generations.

"When travelling, getting lost is the best thing. When we get lost, plans give way to surprises, and it is then, and only then, that the journey begins. "

Nicolas Bouvier

...of the Property

Human and environmental sustainability have always been the first principle of our property: you are entering a family home, extended to different sources which create the local-cosmopolitan identity of Poggio ai Santi, never standardized, never ideologically straitjacketed.

We want to treasure this varied richness, now a foundation of a true Tuscany: of its hospitality, its customs, its land, its products, its dishes, its wines, its landscapes; of its way of being between humor and philosophy, the bearer of such a long tradition dating back to the Etruscans.

But you will also be a vital support for a model of environmental development that cares for Mother Earth. This ranges from careful consumption to energy production; from wise recycling to waste sorting; from clean production of fruits and vegetables to the search for local and ethical products.

This work started more than 25 years ago, when our use of the first solar panels in the area was met with scepticism, while today they make us independent in many ways.
Our vision of respect also involves less obvious, but highly effective choices. Such as the decision to eliminate tablecloths from the restaurant, allowing us to display the intense colours of the wood of which the tables are made, while avoiding the huge waste of water and soap for washing.

As a matter of fact, in the Mediterranean, we are familiar with the problems of summer droughts and water wastage: we have solved it by using a small river near us that, through special systems, allows us to irrigate the green areas around it.

We have also been thinking about water in terms of beverages: hence the decision to eliminate bottled water, and the resulting impact of its production and transportation, and make use instead of local, high-quality, clean, purified water.
The cycle is closed with our animals who, in exchange for safe harbour in this corner of paradise, offer us natural fertilizer for vegetable gardens and fruit trees.