Toscana Vera

Tuscany gave ancient Rome a run for its money and long challenged its hegemony. Although Rome eventually conquered the Etruscan lands, Tuscany remained, and still remains, an autonomous reality within Italy. Land of the Renaissance, music and the arts in general, where even nature has joined in this extraordinary harmony over the centuries. All over the world, Tuscany is as well known as Italy. Sometimes, however, we tend to forget that Tuscany also has 500km of coastline, and an archipelago of seven islands, of which Elba is only the best known. It is in this inherently Mediterranean context that Poggio ai Santi has slowly gained a unique position in the world of Quality Hotels. Halfway between a Wine Relais and Boutique Hotel, Poggio ai Santi allows its guests to fulfil their dreams of escape, their desire for authenticity, and their wish to discover one of the richest and most prestigious world heritages.