BIODIVERSITY Ours is an organic farm

Our farm is an organic farm, which takes care of body and soul by producing raw materials with high nutraceutical power,

Restaurant Il Sale awaits you every day of the week, for lunch and dinner


Ours is an organic farm, producing raw materials with high nutraceutical powers that heal body and soul and vibrate with energy from the earth. This was an obligatory choice, but it involves tremendous effort.

Our poultry, for example, is free to graze, becoming more muscular and less heavy: the meat will change color slightly and the yield will be lower, since they get many more growing days than their industrial counterparts.

Perseverance in this field is an act of faith: the belief that we are on the right track, that we are sincere and that we will succeed, all of us together, in returning to the healthy food we once had.
So Sergio, the keeper of our garden, works side by side with Chef Shimpei, interpreting the moment, the microseason, the here and now, the unrepeatable expression of that natural uniqueness that will be slightly different not just next year, but the next day.

Sometimes ancient and indigenous cultivars, with seeds and grafts stored in Tuscany, will end up in the restaurant's dishes and keep the past alive, far from sterile hybridization and genetic modification.
But while the cuisine of Il Sale draws heavily from Poggio ai Santi's plant and animal production, it is also the case that the meal always opens with Sayuri's selection of breads, paired with our organic oil.

An oil with a limited yield, constantly threatened by the olive fruit fly, not countered with chemical pesticides but driven away by kaolin, a clay with which we whitewash the trees, which also protects them from dehydration.

...from Local Producers

We do not feel like islands, but like small, connected ecosystems surrounded by multiplicity. Therefore, where our production is not sufficient, friendly producers and local fishermen and hunters step in, in a synergy of human action and intention.
This is how we have found very small, virtuous, ethical entities that contribute to the mission of ensuring a balanced world.

We are talking about rice flour from paddies in the Grosseto area; dairy products from buffalo and from Maremma sheep, raised by a new generation of young shepherds; as well as wild, local, seasonal fish and those "bred" naturally in the Orbetello lagoon.