Ristorante di lusso a San Vincenzo - Toscana

Ristorante gastronomico, a San Vincenzo, che offre in ogni stagione un ambiente di grande fascino: in estate si apre su tre verande, ed in inverno permette di passare dei caldi pomeriggi davanti al focolare. Dalle terrazze si possono ammirare la costa e l'isola d'Elba

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Restaurant Il Sale"   thefork prenotazione  
linsalata dell nostro orto

"IL SALE" Restaurant

At the beginning of January 2020, as soon as the last customers had left, we had to imagine how to get the restaurant "Il Sale" back on its feet in April. The main concern for us was to find cooks who would be attentive to the ethics that we have imposed on ourselves for more than twenty years. Local production, tradition and quality, and above all the use of our resources, namely a one-hectare vegetable garden and an imposing farmyard are our milestones. The garden is home to botanical and animal species typical of Tuscany, and research is being carried out in conjunction with the University of Pisa to preserve local species.

Up to now, since 2006, it has never been possible to integrate the diversity of seasonal flows and irregular quantities into the kitchen: values from another time, undoubtedly tricky in these times of levelling down and systematic simplification. What we lacked were passion and a little reason.

As chance would have it, we were able to get in touch with a colleague from Castiglioncello: he mentioned a Japanese cook who had worked with them for many years and was passionate about Tuscan cuisine. Currently, in Milan, Shimpei and his partner Sayuri, were looking for a closer relationship with the sea and nature.

We met them, they came to discover Poggio ai Santi, and they remained fascinated by the potentiality of our projects. They also impressed us with their friendliness and their meticulous interest in the products and their processing. Shimpei and Sayuri are now in charge of the kitchen: they know how to listen, learn, understand and share. Both have a great mastery of their profession and a keen sense of the flavours and consistency of the dishes they prepare. Their plates (Sayuri is a great pastry chef) reveal our organic vegetables and meats, their intense flavours, to which they add herbs from our fields. A discovery: the tradition of our Tuscan dishes with a touch of Japanese perfume. With Shimpei and Sayuri, we will also add some Japanese dishes to our menu, during the week, for all our local customers. Our international guests will like a touch of exotism, to add to the quality and intensity of the flavours of the Maremma.
Contacts, reservations, menus, our organic products: Il Sale has its own website
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